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今天來跟大家分享口說一二題「優缺點題」的解題思路! 這個題型的思路一樣是沿用SK2獨授的WordBank的方式,必須先從題目的“ WHO”開始定義,所以不太了解WordBank的話可以先參考一下這篇文章: 

接下來我們就來看一下題目的解法囉! 例題:Talk about one advantage and disadvantage of eating fast food. 


1. 找到WHO 

2. 思考兩條WHY 

3. 延伸WHY的HOW 

4. 看題目是否符合WHY&HOW 

5. 優點=符合的HOW 

6. 缺點=不符合的HOW 

7. 延伸例子 

示範:Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of eating fast food. WHO: People WHY: 1)Care about health 2)Care about convenience HOW: 1)Be healthy 2)Save time 題目Eating fast food符合Be healthy嗎?——不;符合Save time嗎?— —是 

優點則為Save time, 缺點則為Unhealthy 

示範答案:Well, in my opinion, one of the advantages of eating fast food is that it helps people save time, this is because, people generally care about convenience, and eating fast food is usually very fast. For example, when I go to Macdonald's, it would only take me one minute to order a veggie burger set. Within five minutes, they would have my food ready and I can finish the food under 10 minutes. On the other hand, eating fast food is very unhealthy, because, people usually care about their health, but fast food is not beneficial to our health. For example, during my college life, I ate at Macdonald's five times a week. Since the food was very oily and fatty, I gained 15 kilos in one semester. 


答優缺點題時一定要注意時間,因為優點和缺點都各要提到,時間就分成兩 半了!例子可以不用講太細。事實上,優缺點題是Agree/Disagree的變化 題,想想看,如果題目變成:A/D: People should eat fast food. 這時認 同的人就會提到Fast food的優點,不認同的人就會提到缺點,只是A/D題型 只要選一邊站,優缺點題兩邊都要講! 

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