J2 真題高頻單字題分享(31-40)

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標題[分享] J2 真題高頻單字題分享(31-40)
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1. comparable        equivalent            a.      可比的;相當的
    comparably        similarly             ad.     可比地;相當地
TPO ex.  Progress in this area can be measured by the difference in weight between buildings built now and those of comparable size built one hundred years ago.

2. compel            force                 v.      強製;強迫
    compelling        powerful              a.      令人嘆為觀止的, 強迫的
TPO ex. “Perhaps the most important thing we learned is the idea of the teacher-as-reflective-practitioner will not happen simply because it is a good or even compelling idea.”

3. concentrate       cluster               v.      集中;積聚
    concentrate       focus on              v.      集中;貫注
TPO ex. The seed has an outer coating that surrounds the genetic material of the new plant, and inside this covering is a concentrated(集中的) supply of nutrients.

4. considerable      large ; substantial   a.      很重要的;很大的
    considerably      a great deal          ad.     相當大地;很大地
TPO ex.1 Considerable support exists for this opinion because several animals in the pictures are wounded by arrows and spears.
TPO ex.2 Studies suggest that to date the variability in computer simulations is considerably smaller than in data obtained from the proxy records.

5. contemporary      existing ; modern     a.      當代的;現有的
    contemporary      written at that time  a.      同時代
TPO ex. Furthermore, as the archaeological record shows, the state of health of agriculturalists was worse than that of their contemporary hunter-gatherers.

6. corresponding     matching              a.      對應的
    correspondingly   similarly             ad.     相應地;對應地
TPO ex. Some scholars expand on this idea by emphasizing a corresponding need for arable land to feed growing numbers of people: ...

7. defer             delay                 v.      延遲;延期;
    defer             yield                 v.      順從;遵從
ex. I have to defer to(聽從;遵從) my boss on important decisions.
TPO ex.  Teresa takes charge of handling the situation. And let’s say, both John and Mary defer to(聽從;遵從) her leadership.

8. deliberate        careful               a.      審慎的;仔細的
    deliberately      intentionally         ad.     蓄意地;審慎地
TPO ex. Contrary to the arguments of some that much of the pacific was settled by Polynesians accidentally marooned after being lost and adrift, it seems reasonable that this feat was accomplished by deliberate colonization expeditions that set out fully stocked with food and domesticated plants and animals.

9. delicate          fragile               a.      脆弱的;嬌嫩的
    delicately        carefully             ad.     精致地;審慎地
TPO ex. Replacement can be a marvelously precise process, so that details of shell ornamentation, tree rings in wood, and delicate structures in bone are accurately preserved.

10.derive            obtain                v.      得到
     derived from      based on                      基於;從...得到
TPO ex. Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is entirely heated by geothermal energy derived from volcanic heat.