J2 真題高頻單字題分享(21-30)

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標題[分享] J2 真題高頻單字題分享(21-30)
時間Sat Apr  4 13:38:11 2015

繼上次分享了前20個近幾年真題高頻單字後(文章代碼(AID): #1L2mdZXA

不過就如我最近回答版友問題時(文章代碼(AID): #1L6PaH7n)強調的,
(來源主要來自learnersdictionary 及 Cambridge dictionary)


高頻單字21- 30:

1. autonomous        independent        a.      獨立的;自主的
   autonomy          independence       n.      自治;自主
   ex. an autonomous region/republic/territory
   TPO ex.Few of the cultural traditions and rules that today allow us to deal
   with dense populations existed for these people accustomed to household
   autonomy and the ability to move around the landscape almost at will.

2. band              form groups        v.      聯合;結合
   band              stripe             n.      條紋,帶
   ex. A band of thunderstorms crossed the area late last night.
   TPO ex. The proposed areas of the domestication of African crops lie in a
   band that extends from Ethiopia across southern Sudan to West

3. be fraught with   charge with        a.      充滿
   be fraught with   full of            a.
   ex. The paper was poorly researched and fraught with errors.

4. boast             brag               v.      誇口;自恃
   boast             claim
   ex. She boasted of having won five games in a row.
TPO ex. And then your round, your main character who loves success and loves to show off, comes and boasts about succeeding and jokes about the flat character’s defeat in front of others, humiliates the other guy.

5. bothersome        irritating         a.      麻煩的;討厭的
   bothersome        annoying
   ex.The injury isn't too bad. It's more bothersome[=troublesome] than painful.

6. bound             limit              n.      範圍;界限
   bound             constraint
   bound             held               v.      限制
   ex.The police officers exceeded/overstepped their bounds and
   broke the law.
   TPO ex.  The worker was bound to the master by a mutual contract that either one could repudiate, and the relationship was conceptualized as one of partnership.

7. celebrate         praise             v.      讚美;歌頌
   celebrated        distinguished      a.      著名的;馳名的
   celebratory       full of praise     a.      稱揚的;慶功的
   ex. He is one of today's most celebrated young writers.
   TPO ex. Unfortunately, this explanation fails to explain the hidden locations, unless the migrations were celebrated with secret ceremonies.

8. cement            bond               v.      黏結;膠合 ; 鞏固
   cement            stick
   ex. A win would cement her reputation as a strong competitor.
   TPO ex.As among tribespeople, personal relationships and a careful weighing of character have always been crucial in a mercantile economy with little regulation, where one's word is one's bond and where informal ties of trust cement together an international trade network.

9. coat              fur                n.      皮毛
   coat              cover              v.      掩蓋
   ex. My shoes are coated with mud.
   TPO ex.The rapid technical development of photography—the introduction of lighter and simpler equipment, and of new emulsions that coated photographic plates, film, and paper and enabled images to be made at much faster speeds—had some unanticipated consequences.

10.command           mastery            n.      掌握;控制
   commanding        forceful           a.      威嚴的;堅強的
   ex. She shouted out commands to the crew.
   TPO ex. A maritime code known as the Consulate of the Sea, which originated in the western Mediterranean region in the fourteenth century, won acceptance by a majority of sea goers as the normative code for maritime conduct; it defined such matters as the authority of a ship's officers, protocols of command, pay
structures, the rights of sailors, and the rules of engagement when ships met one another on the sea-lanes.