J2 真題高頻單字題分享(41-50)

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繼續分享托福常考單字 (至少出現過兩次以上),
(此篇有詳細介紹:文章代碼(AID): #1Lh90k0J)
例如上上禮拜分享的單字defer to不要只有記遵從;順從,
可以記defer to her leadership.


1.  deter             protect                v.  阻止
    deter from        keep from ; inhibit    v.

ex.Some potential buyers will be deterred by the price.
The heavy fines should deter [=discourage] people from dumping garbage here.

2.  devastated        ruined ; ravaged       a.  毀壞的;被破壞的
    devastation       destruction            n.  破壞

TPO ex.1 The possibility that mass extinctions may recur periodically has given rise to such hypotheses as that of a companion star with a long-period orbit deflecting other bodies from their normal orbits, making some of them fall to Earth as meteors and causing widespread devastation upon impact.
TPO ex.2 A big worry is that these transplanted mega fauna might devastate plants and animals that are native to the western United States.

3.  dispute           disagreement; argument n.  爭論
    dispute           question               v.  質疑
TPO ex.1 Although some researchers claim that Mars may once have had oceans, others dispute(v.) this, pointing to an absence of evidence or offering alternative interpretations of evidence.
TPO ex.2 It’s about United States Supreme Court Decision. We are looking at the impact of recent cases on property rights, municipal land use cases, owning disputes(n.).

4.  distinct          separate ; different    a.  清晰的;不同的
    distinct          definite                a.  清楚的;清晰的
TPO ex.1 Now, Spectroscopy has a very distinct(解釋2) advantage over previous methods of analyzing our works because it's not invasive.
TPO ex.2 A green iceberg that stranded just west of the Amery Ice Shelf showed two distinct(解釋1) layers: bubbly blue-white ice and bubble-free green ice separated by a one-meter- long ice layer containing

5.  distinguish       differentiate           v.  區分;辨別
    distinguished     eminent                 a.  著名的;卓越的
TPO ex.1 Sociologists have built on the distinction between expressive and instrumental ties to distinguish between two types of groups: primary and secondary.
 She is distinguished for her achievements in genetic research.

6.  drastic           radical                 a.  激烈的;猛烈的
    drastically       radically               ad. 激烈地;猛烈地
TPO ex1. In general, it is believed that these two extinctions resulted from drastic environmental changes that followed meteorite impacts or massive volcanic eruptions.
In contrast, should another ice age occur, sea level would drop drastically. During the last ice age, sea level dropped about 120 meters.

7.  dwindle           diminish                v.  減少 ; 衰落
    dwindle away      eventually disappear    v.  縮小;減少
TPO ex. It’s not a remnant of some huge population that is dwindled in last few hundred years for some reason. It’s not necessarily a species in retreat.

8.  elaborate         complicated             a.  複雜的;精心製作的
    elaborately       done in great detail    ad. 詳盡地;精心地
TPO ex.1 In many instances, spectators in the era before recorded sound experienced elaborate aural presentations alongside movies' visual images.
TPO ex.2 They were no longer a series of small bands but lived in a large community with more elaborate social organization, probably grouped into clans of people of common descent.

9.  eligible          entitled                 a.  合格的;適宜的
TPO ex.1 Right. And I think you should apply for this grant. Your project is definitely eligible. And you can expand it if you have the necessary resources. So, does it sound like something you would be interested in?

10. endow             provide                  v.  賦予
    endowment         gift                     n.  天賦;天資
TPO ex. More often, we simply cooperate with others to reach some end without endowing the relationship with any larger significance