The government wants to improve the education of high schools, and there are two
following plans:
a. Choose a group of teachers and train them first, and then let them go back to their
schools and train other teachers
b. Train teachers online, with online materials and let them study individually


Problem 1:

First, when improving the education of high schools, the government needs to
control the budget, and an online training system can save more money. For example,
the government only needs to hire few professors to record the online teaching
materials. Moreover, the online materials can be used unlimited times and the
government does not have to spend extra time to examine the materials. Therefore, training teachers online does not only save money but also save time. On the other hand, training teachers face by face need to more budgets for hiring the training professors and renting the teaching
space. In addition, the government should pay for transportation of teachers. As a
result, training teacher face by face costs more money.

Problem 2: 

Second, the government puts emphasis on efficiency but choosing a group of
teachers and letting them to train other takes longer time. For instance, it takes
a lot of time to train the selected teachers and more time to prepare
for teaching the other teachers. After their preparation, the selected teachers
have to spend more time training others. Consequently, it needs a tremendous amount of time to finish the whole training process. However, if the government chooses to do
online training, all teachers can study by themselves. That is to say,
teachers don’t need to wait for others to train them. Consequently, online training
saves much more time.

Problem 3: 

Third, some people say that learning through online system to improve the quality of education is not effective. For instance, when using the online learning system, the teachers might encounter a lot of questions and have no one to ask. Moreover, they might not be able to come up with the most correct information when they teach. Therefore, they might teach students out-dated information or even information which is down right wrong. Yet, they can actually stop and replay the program anytime they want so this method of learning online is actually quite effective. 

Problem 4: 

Secondly, the government places emphasis on budget, but training a
group of teachers can not save more money. To illustrate, the amount of the teachers are hundreds, the government has to find the different or big places to accommodate them, and the rent of space is a cost. Furthermore, to achieve the better outcome, the government has to hold many courses or forums, and the lecture fee is a cost too. On the other hand, if the government trains the teacher with online materials, the government just need to set up a website and pay the salaries for the group of the training scholars and the network engineers. Obviously, training online can save more money.

Problem 5: 

Secondly, the government puts emphasis on their reputation but training teachers online might decrease the government’s reputation. To elaborate, parents admire teachers who were trained in a face-to- face way on a regular basis in Taiwan. If the government holds several training programs, the teachers can absorb many practical knowledge from each other immediately on a regular basis. Thus, the government will leave a great impression on the participants and parents. However, if the government only provides an online training, it might be difficult for the teachers to figure out a better teaching technique. Hence, the teachers might be annoyed and criticize the government severely.

Problem 6: 

To begin with, the government cares about efficiency, and training a set of seed teachers can allow the government to improve its efficiency. Take my science teacher in elementary school as an
example. He was chosen in a six-month training program in which his obligation was to learn the
cutting-edge technology knowledge in the United State and to teach what he learned to other
teachers in Taiwan. To be more specific, in the future, after the program is finished, there will be over 35 well-trained teachers in Taiwan with the up-to- date information. Hence, it is an appropriate way to improve government’s efficiency.

Problem 7: 

Furthermore, the government wants to save budget and to let the trained teachers to go back to their schools and train other teachers can help them do so. For example, every year, the government in Taiwan sends 20 seed high school teachers to Germany to learn how to facilitate students to learn by doing actual tasks. Moreover, these teachers are required to train another 40 teachers in Taiwan when they are back. By doing so, the Taiwan government saves 30 million New Taiwan dollars one a yearly basis. On the other hand, if the government does not train this small group of teachers, then it might have to spend billions of dollars to hire more professional teachers or renovate the equipment and facilities to improve the quality of education. Therefore, it is not a smart method to save money.

Problem 8: 

First of all, the government places emphasis on budget control, and training teachers to improve the education of high schools by using online materials can save a lot of money. When the government uses Internet program to train high school teachers. The government only needs to hire the experts once and records the class then puts it online. And then the government does not need to spend a lot of money printing the paper materials. So, training teachers online can save more than one million. But If the government chooses a group of teachers and trains them first. It needs to pay the traveling fee and preparing lunch for the teachers. The government needs to rent a place for the training courses. Thus, it may cost 20 times more than training online.

Problem 9: 

Finally, the government is always busy, and choosing a group of teachers to train first needs a lot of time. Take the Taiwanese government for example. The government has to take part in several projects at 1 time. Also, the employees of the government need to coordinate the time and booking the space for the course. What is more, the government might not have six free months to finish the training process, or the time needed to repeat the program year after year. Therefore, if the government chooses to train a small group of teachers, it would waste too much time.

Problem 10: 

Secondly, when improving the high school education, the government cares about the quality of the training. Therefore, if the government designs an online program to train teachers using online material and letting them be trained separately, it can maintain higher training quality by using Youtube, GOOGLE, or other apps. For instance, when government trains teachers online, it provides standard courses. Moreover, every online course has the same test to validate and monitor the training results. Accordingly, all high school teachers are trained under the same quality. On the contrary, if the government lets a group of teachers trained first and go back to train others, some training information may be transmitted incorrectly. In the end, each teacher may gain different knowledge.


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